RNC Charge Man for Uttering Counterfeit Currency

The RNC Economic Crime Unit has charged a 25 year old St. John’s man in relations to counterfeit money investigations.

On Wednesday, January 11, 2016, the RNC’s Economic Crime laid nine charges against a St. John’s man in connection with an ongoing investigation into counterfeit American currency.

The man has been charged with:

  • 3 counts of Uttering Counterfeit Money

  • 3 counts of Possession of Counterfeit Money

  • 3 counts of Breaching Conditions of a Probation Order.

The RNC is continuing to investigate several reports of counterfeit currently being circulated on the Northeast Avalon.

They are warning the public to be diligent in authenticating paper money.

Criminal charges in relation to uttering or possession counterfeit money are very serious charges that can result in up to 14 years imprisonment.