NL Ghost Towns

Do you know there are 251 recorded ghost towns in Newfoundland and Labrador? From Adnavik to Zoar there are shells left of these tiny communities.

Most of the abandoned towns were fishing villages. Others, such as many along the Labrador coast, were Moravian Church missions. Then there are towns like Davis Inlet who's social problems forced the Canadian government agreed to move the Innu to mainland Labrador, and in 2002 at a cost of nearly $200 million the community of Davis Inlet was relocated to Natuashish.

Then there is places such as Connaigre. A small fishing community located on the southern tip of the Connaigre Peninsula of the south coast of the Island.

There are places still used for fishing and seasonal cabins such as Spirity Cove, located at the mouth of Ingornachoix Bay on the west coast.