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14 Year Old Dead After Collision Involving Dirt Bike

The RCMP is investigating after a 14-year-old youth was killed following a collision that happened on Tuesday between a dirt bike and a pickup truck along a woods road in Burgoynes Cove.

At approximately 4:40 p.m., RCMP were dispatched to the collision which happened while both vehicles, traveling towards one another, were rounding a turn on a hill on the dirt road. The dirt bike and pickup truck attempted to avoid the collision but there was little or no reaction time and the two collided.

The youth, who was wearing a helmet and other available safety gear at the time of the collision, was transported to the hospital in Clarenville and was pronounced deceased. The driver of the pickup truck was not injured.

The roadway was wide enough to permit two vehicles to pass by one another but the investigation revealed the dirt bike was in the oncoming area of travel of the pickup truck.

The investigation is continuing.

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