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What Does it Mean to be an Age-Friendly City?

What Does it Mean to be an Age-Friendly City? St. John's is trying to find out.

This month there will be various opportunities for seniors to provide feedback on what it means to live in an age-friendly city. Age-friendly environments allow all people to age well in a place that is right for them and contribute to their communities while enabling their independence and health.

Councillor Debbie Hanlon said, “The City of St. John’s has been recognized by the World Health Organization as being an age-friendly city.”

Now the City wants to learn from residents about what an age-friendly city means to them and how they use the programs and services.

Engagement will be open from October 5 to 27. A variety of tools will be available for seniors to provide feedback including through the project page at, by email at or call 311 and ask to speak to a member of the project team. Residents can also attend an in person session.


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