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State of Emergency Continues in Happy Valley-Goose Bay

A fire broke out at several buildings on the North Side (Canadian Side) of the community of Happy Valley-Goose Bay on Friday.

The fire is now controlled and there is no current risk of an explosion.

Firefighters battled the blaze throughout the night which caused extensive damage to a number of commercial structures. There were no injuries.

At this time, due to structural instability, winds in the area and a number of hot spots, the following streets remain inaccessible:

  • Halifax Street

  • Toronto Street

  • Winnipeg Street

  • Ottawa Avenue

  • London Street

In the interest of public safety, homeowners are strongly encouraged not to attend their properties at this time. Residents are asked to remain at least a kilometre away from the area, which can be described as from the end of the airport to the docks.

A Fire Scene Investigator with the Fire Services Division of Justice and Public Safety attends the scene today to continue with the investigation.

Updates will follow as available.


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