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More Fake Social Media Accounts Linked to Sexual Violence Investigation

The RNC have identified additional additional social media accounts linked to an investigation of sexual violence.

So far police have laid 63 sexual violence related charges against 32-year-old Markus Hicks of Paradise in connection with an ongoing investigation that began on August 23.

Police have identified additional fake social media accounts believed to have been used by the accused to communicate with individuals to arrange sexual acts while concealing his true identity.

The name Maria Winchester is believed to have been used historically and may have communicated with individuals across the province on social media and chat platforms.

Brittany Campbell was used primarily on social media platforms.

Bradol15 identified themselves as a male and is believed to have communicated on multiple social media and dating applications.

Investigators have also received information to link the accused to an address on Bullocks Town Road in Torbay.

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