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Hurricane Teddy Headed For Parts of Newfoundland & Labrador Today: #nlwx

Hurricane Teddy is expected to hit the west coast, and parts of the south coast of Newfoundland in the late afternoon, and evening hours today. However, before this storm hits the south coast, it is forecasted to be downgraded to a Tropical Storm, but dangerous never the less.

Photo credit: NOAA/National Weather Service

As the forecast graphic above depicts, the areas colored in blue on the south coast of Newfoundland are under a Tropical Storm Warning. With this storm likely being in the Tropical Storm range of severity when it hits the province, we can expect damaging winds gusting between 63 and 117 km/h, torrential rains, and a dangerous storm surge for those living in the coastal regions.

Furthermore, Hurricane Teddy is expected to track to the great northern peninsula portion of Newfoundland, as well as the coastal, and inland Labrador by the early morning hours of Thursday.

This storm is forecasted to move out of the province by late Thursday morning.

Please stay tuned to Newfound News for the latest updates.



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