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Funding Announced for Fire Protection Vehicles

The Provincial Government has announced that 13 communities in the province will receive fire protection vehicles as a result of a $2.5 million investment under the Fire Protection Vehicle program

The fire protection vehicles will be cost-shared between the Provincial Government and the municipality and the ratios will be 90/10; 80/20; or 60/40.

Funding for used vehicles is based on a cost-share of 90/10, with the community paying 10 per cent, up to a total of $100,000 provincial contribution. A fixed contribution of $100,000 is also available for the purchase of new pumper and tanker vehicles.

Communities getting the vehicles include: Baie Verte (Dorset Trail Regional Fire Department), Bay de Verde, Ferryland, Fogo, Gander, Harbour Breton, Little Bay, Little Burnt Bay, Meadows, Straights Fire Department, Port Saunders, Ramea, and Trout River.

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