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  • Cyndi Earle

Blue Monday is Coming!

How is the new year landing on you so far?

Excited about the life you’re creating? Eager to dream up what’s next?

Let’s lock that in & dial up the momentum!


Because "Blue Monday" is coming... the third Monday in January is the day most people will fall off the wagon from their New Year's resolutions.

No judgment...we have all been there. I get it, and it’s really dispiriting and demotivating to feel all your good intentions fall by the wayside by Blue Monday. I want to help by arming you with the strategies and actions to sustain the well-being habits you are after, for the whole YEAR

Time is a valuable currency. It’s been so easy to wait on things...wait until it gets easier, until it's less uncomfortable, until there’s more money, until…. Time doesn’t wait for until. The only time we all get is right now, this moment. And that means embracing the present, learning from the past (and letting go of what doesn’t serve us anymore), and striving for the future.

Don’t run from uncomfortable. So often on the other side of uncomfortable is a breakthrough, healing, and opportunity. Just because something is uncomfortable doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be done OR that we can’t do it. Courage is often found in the depths of uncomfortable, in the bravery of trying and in the audacity to speak up. The uncomfortable changes lives.

The only one that can invest in you is you. Yes, others can tell you to take care of yourself or show up, but until you decide that you are worth fighting for... nothing changes. So invest in yourself. Dare to laugh, to dream, to try. When you invest in yourself you are investing in those you love. There is no guilt in taking care of your spirit, your health, and your heart.

Set goals. There is great power in the act of creating a resolution. It doesn’t mean that you need to create a “new” simply means that you are investing in the existing you. You are believing in your dreams. You are trying new things. You are willing to make this life spectacular. Goals are north on a compass. The path to get there might be messy, but the journey is priceless.

Learn the art of stillness. The mind is always racing, always thinking, and in order to get clarity you have to develop ways to create stillness in your mind. It doesn’t mean just sitting in a room meditating. It might be that or it might be a walk or a run. It might be working in my garden or journaling. So often we think of stillness as one of those things that we’ll get to when we’re not as busy. But, my friend, what if creating stillness will actually create less busyness?

Create a pause. A pause before responding, before assuming, before judging. A pause is simply a breath, a moment, where instead of allowing the emotions of the moment to hijack your thinking you put yourself back in the driver’s seat. Seconds can change perspective.

Small, intentional steps can create giant results. The goal plus the small steps create the biggest gift...the realization that you can do hard things. Don’t overlook your small gains. Celebrate your small gains...each and every one of them.

Don’t close the door based on assumptions. It’s easy to assume, isn’t it? We are always making assessments, and assumptions, and sometimes we can close doors without giving the other side a chance. In business, if I assume something I write won’t resonate, then my assumption is making the decision for someone else. So try to assume less, be brave, and put yourself out there. When we assume the answer is no (or yes) we don’t even give the other person the opportunity to decide. And thus, we closed our own door. This year, work to keep the door open.

Make life meaningful. Invest in others, invest in your heart. Happiness arises when we become congruent with our own selves. With our stories. If you always wait... time will keep slipping by. Don’t wait to forgive, to find peace, to do what your heart loves. When you work on changing the inside... breaking mindsets, and creating new paths...then your outer world will change. You get now, this life. Make it matter.

Those are soul lessons for 2023. I hope they help keep you on track, happy and fulfilled.

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