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Big game season opens

Big Game season is now open in most of the province.

Moose hunting season in the province opens today, except for national parks. Moose season on the Island ends on December 31 and ends on March 10 in Labrador.

Caribou and Black bear hunting season on the Island opens today. Black bear hunting season in Labrador opened on August 10.

Dates vary for Coyotes and wolves. Trapping dates vary by species and region for small game.

Caribou hunting is prohibited in Labrador.

All hunters must observe firearm regulations and safe hunting practices. Wildlife regulations, hunting season dates, bag limits, safety tips and more are available in the 2023-24 Hunting and Trapping Guide.

Big game jawbones can be returned at more than 50 locations, and participating hunters will receive a Cooperating Hunter Crest for supporting big game population research.


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