Auditor General Says Inventory of Firearms and Ammunition Incomplete

Auditor General, Julia Mullaley, released a special report on the Management of Firearms and Ammunition – Wildlife Division, Department of Fisheries and Land Resources. This report was completed in response to Government’s request to the Auditor General in April, 2017.

The report noted that while the department has taken significant measures to improve inventory management of firearms and ammunition in the Wildlife Division, further efforts are required to ensure there is an effective system of internal control to safeguard firearms and ammunition.

“There are inherent risks associated with inventory management in any organization. Such risks include inaccurate inventory records, excess inventory levels, loss, theft, and inappropriate or unauthorized access to and use of inventory. It is important that all Government organizations establish adequate internal controls to mitigate such risks and that these controls are reviewed on a periodic basis to ensure they are working effectively.” The Auditor General said.