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Workers’ Action Network calls for overhaul of Bill 3

The Workers’ Action Network in this province says Newfoundland and Labrador needs an equality reset and is calling on the government to redesign Bill 3.

The group argues that Bill 3 does not recognize that Indigenous women, Black women, racialized women, migrant women, disabled women and members of the 2SLGBTQIA+ community face worse wage discrimination than cis-gendered white women who do not live with disabilities.

Bill 3 does not protect contract workers and the pay equity component only applies to women in the public sector – and to workplaces with at least 10 employees.

The bill does not acknowledge pay equity and pay transparency as fundamental human rights and it does not include any support for women who do not have a union to enforce their rights to pay equity and pay transparency.

The bill also does not include proactive enforcement measures.

Virtual Organizer Sara Moriarity said, “Bill 3 as it stands right now needs to be completely redesigned to ensure that the rights of all women in our workforce are prioritized, and that women in low-wage and precarious jobs are not left behind any more than we already are.”

The Newfoundland and Labrador Statistics Agency reports that 60 percent of workers who made less than $20 an hour in 2022 were women.


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