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Update on Impacts of Cyberattack

Minister Hogan said this afternoon that the vast majority of health services have been restored following a cyberattack that occurred on October 30.

There is still some work to be done including the investigation.

A small number of patients have had their social insurance numbers accessed impacting 2,514 people. Several patients have since died. Those impacted will be notified.

All COVID-19 testing information has also been compromised regardless of where the test was conducted. Personal information has been impacted, test results were not accessed.

Eastern Health employees dating back to 28 years have had their information accessed. Additionally, patient information dating back 11 years was also compromised.

The social insurance numbers of 20 patients in Labrador-Grenfell Health have been impacted. Employee information has been impacted for the past eight years and patient information goes back nine years.

In Western Health there is no evidence that employees or patient information was breached. But some information that was sent to Eastern Health labs was accessed.

In Central Health 520 patients have their Social Insurance Numbers compromised. 102 of those will be contacted via a letter, the remaining patients are now deceased. Employee's information dating back 28 years is compromised and patient information dating back 15 years was compromised.


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