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  • Cyndi Earle

Powerful, Personal Word of the Year!

Using a single word for the year has become more mainstream in recent years as opposed to doing a traditional New Year’s Resolution. These powerful, personal word of the year ideas will inspire you to make 2023 a fantastic year!

If you want to continue to embrace simplicity (or are simply DONE with New Year’s Resolutions), would you jump in on the trend to set a word for the year?

The pandemic gave us a lot of reasons to pull back and rest, but I’ve seen a lot more “resolutions” this holiday season.

Still, the “Words of the Year” that I’ve seen over the past few years range from amplify, ecstasy, joy, simplify, adventure, abundance, love and limitless. These are some pretty powerful words! Let’s work through some word of the year ideas and how to choose one to have a fulfilling and happy new year in 2023!

My word this year is Create!

What is a personal “Word of the Year”?

The idea behind having a word for your year is that it will replace a traditional New Year’s Resolution. This is one single word that you focus on throughout the year. It will permeate your entire life and affect everything you do, from how you react to others, to how you care for yourself, and how you prioritize your life. Because your “word of the year” is an idea, concept, and driving factor, it is NOT a goal.

Your one little word will be a gentle reminder about your priorities and should help you refocus through the year. When life gets busy or stressful, your word can bring you back to where you need to be. When you feel like you are in need of connection, your word can help.

Some powerful words for your consideration are...

Kindness, Ease, Empower, Learn, Explore, Laugh, Succeed, Acceptance or Appreciation. Or maybe try Believe, Courage or Vitality.

No matter what word you choose it's important to connect with it. Pick a word that will have deep meaning to you. When choosing your word for 2023, think about what you want your life to look like, how do you want to feel this year and what would you like to accomplish.

2023 is going to be amazing. What word will help guide your way?


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