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More charges laid against teacher from Paradise

The RNC has laid more charges against 32-year-old Markus Hicks of Paradise after more survivors have come forward.

Police have laid 13 additional charges, 12 of the charges are from four new survivors and an additional charge against a previous survivor.

The accused was charged today with four counts of disguise with intent, three counts of sexual assault, possession of child pornography, accessing child pornography, breach of trust by a public officer, making sexually explicit material available to a child, luring a child, and agreement or arrangement to commit a sexual offence.

The accused remains in custody awaiting a court appearance.

As this investigation remains active, the RNC continues to seek any information related to acts of sexual violence.

The ongoing investigation began on August 23 when the RNC received information related to the use of fictitious identities, social media applications, and concealment to arrange sexual acts.

Parents and guardians should be aware that this investigation may create anxiety in children and youth who use various social media platforms. The RNC recommends taking this opportunity to discuss the associated risks of sharing personal and private information online. Everyone should be wary about speaking with people online that they do not know personally. Pictures and profiles can be fictitious and the person you are speaking with may not be who they seem to be.

There are resources available including the Journey Project. Anyone experiencing anxiety or crisis as a result of this information can contact the Mental Health Crisis Line at 8-1-1. In addition, the RNC Mental Health Mobile Crisis Response Team is available.


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