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Leo Crockwell arrested after assaulting a peace officer and resisting arrest

Leo Crockwell will appear in court this morning after another brush with the law.

RCMP arrested him on Friday in Witless Bay.

He faces charges of assault with a weapon or imitation, resisting arrest, and assaulting a peace officer.

The proceedings were adjourned for Crockwell to undergo an assessment.

Crockwell was the subject of a standoff back in 2010 when he barricaded himself inside a residence in Bay Bulls for over a week before escaping through a window of the home undetected by police.

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Pierrette St.Louis
Pierrette St.Louis
09 août 2022

What was he being arrested for? Did they have an arrest warrant? Or were they just there harrassing him till they got a reaction and he would do something they could arrest him for. Why do the police in canada not wear body cams? Are they afraid they will be caught doing something wrong.

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