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Government announces initiative to expand ease of access for new nurses

The provincial government and the Registered Nurses Union have introduced amendments to the Registered Nurses Regulations that will streamline the registration and licensing process for registered nurses.

These amendments will allow the province to register and license applicants more quickly while ensuring that registered nurses are competent to provide safe and ethical care.

Nurses from seven countries will be eligible to apply for a license in the province including the United States, United Kingdom, India, Philippines, Australia, New Zealand, and Ireland.

The Department of Health and Community Services anticipates 200-300 internationally-educated nurses from India will begin working in the province by the end of this year. Approximately 20 nurses will arrive this fall.

There are also approximately 200 internationally-educated nurses currently working in the province. Since April 2022, more than 500 new nurses have been added to the health care system.

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