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Dominion sale tags match the regular price

This is one item of many where the sale price and regular price is the same. Newfound News

In an investigation, Newfound News has found several items at one Dominion store in St. John's where items appear "on sale" but the price tags underneath the sale tag is the exact same price.

This has been ongoing for at least a couple of weeks where a sale tag is put on a product and the tag underneath is the same price. The tag in front is shaded in yellow, indicating a sale.

In a statement, Loblaw Public Relations said, "the regular price of this product is $12.99, however the price was adjusted to $11.49 as part of a promotion. The tag underneath is an old tag and should have been removed."

The company said they will be in touch with the store to address the issue and added that "prices can fluctuate".


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