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360 new cases of COVID-19, schools to reopen on Tuesday

Today there are 360 new cases of COVID-19.

Of the new cases, there are 212 in Eastern Health, 63 in Central Health, 54 in Western Health, 23 in the Labrador-Grenfell Health region, and five from an unknown regional health authority.

As of today, there are 20 people in hospital. There are currently 2,801 active cases. There have been 764 new recoveries. There have been two deaths.

As of Monday, anyone in the same household is considered to be high risk. This includes those who are isolating away from others.

Schools will reopen for in-person instruction on Tuesday, January 25. Dr. Fitzgerald says there are physical and emotional factors to consider with returning to school. COVID-19 is circulating in communities and Dr. Fitzgerald says we can expect to see it in school but the risk for severe disease in children is low.


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