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Tenders issued for several road projects

The Department of Transportation and Infrastructure has begun issuing tenders for road construction work to begin this construction season.

Tenders have been issued for various projects to take place this year.

The projects include:

  • Replacement of two bridges at Windmill Bight (Route 330);

  • Rehabilitation of Change Island Bridge (Route 335-14);

  • Evaluation of Bay D’Espoir Bridge (Route 361);

  • Rehabilitation of Portland Creek, Bound Brook, West River, Castor River, Bowing Brook Bridges (Route 430);

  • Rehabilitation of Southwest Brook (Route 414), East Brook Bridge (Route 413), Black Brook Bridge (Route 410), Pacquet Bridge (Route 417), and Shoe Cove North Bridge (Route 414); and,

  • Rehabilitation of Lloyds River, Dry Pond Brook, Burnt Pond Brook Bridges (Route 480) and Crabbs River Bridge (Route 1).


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