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NHL Update

There were five games in the NHL last night with two Canadian teams in action.

  • Maples Leafs 3 Senators 5

Both teams picked up one goal in the first period, the Senators score three in the second and the Leafs score one, both teams also score one goal in the third period.

  • Blackhawks 2 Lightning 5

  • Penguins 2 Flyers 5

  • Capitals 2 Sabres 1

  • Blues 0 Avalanche 8

There are ten games tonight. Six Canadian teams will hit the ice.

  • Maple Leafs vs Senators

  • Canadiens vs Oilers

  • Cancuks vs Flames

  • Bruins vs Devils

  • Sharks vs Coyotes

  • Hurricanes vs Red Wings

  • Islanders vs Rangers

  • Blue Jackets vs Predators

  • Wild vs Kings

  • Ducks vs Golden Knights


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