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Fiona top national weather story of 2022

Every year Environment and Climate Change Canada releases a top ten list of remarkable weather events from across the country.

The number one story was Hurricane Fiona.

Although Fiona morphed into a post-tropical system before landfall, the storm lost little of its strength by the time it arrived in Canada.

On September 24 the storm slammed into the southwest coast of Newfoundland.

Fiona pounded Atlantic Canada with heavy rains, powerful winds, storm surges and incredibly high waves.

Significant storm surges reaching nearly two metres caused extensive coastal damage and erosion in southwestern Newfoundland. Giant walls of water came ashore, causing significant coastal erosion that will take decades to heal.

Wind gusts in southwestern parts of Newfoundland and Labrador topped 177 km/h in the Wreckhouse area.

Power poles and century-old trees toppled, while relentless winds and the powerful storm surge damaged and destroyed homes and buildings, transforming coastal geography.

Fiona left streets, beaches and parks littered with downed branches and foliage. There were structural losses and considerable coastal infrastructure damage to wharves, piers and breakwaters. Strong winds ripped roofs from homes in some areas.

The complete list can be found here.

Data Source: Environment and Climate Change Canada


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