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Corner Brook Delivers Balanced 2021 Budget

The City of Corner Brook presented its budget on Monday night. The total spending in the 2021 budget is $35,435,300 with a decrease of $1,103,800 in spending from the 2020 budget.

A loss of revenue due to COVID-19 was offset. The City was able to find ways to operate efficiently without a loss in service delivery to residents, or significant employment cuts.

There was an overall tightening of all budgets to eliminate discretionary spending, meaning no significant reduction in service levels from 2020 levels while mitigating spending.

There will be no new job cuts – cuts that were implemented in 2020 to remain in place. This means $500K in reduced spending.

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There will be no increases to residential and commercial property tax, and service levies.

There will be a reduction in taxes for over 100 businesses in the tourism and hospitality sectors (~$60,000).

There will be increases to business in three categories (Grocery, large retail and department store) affecting 16 locations (~$339,000).

The City will be making changes in the way they tackle common maintenance activity.

  • Curb and sidewalk repair budget to increase by 23%.

  • New street sweeper to be purchased for ~$400K.

  • Continued prioritization of service requests.

  • The City will be updating its Integrated Municipality Sustainability Plan (IMSP) to account for changing needs and demographics.

The city has engaged with Corner Brook Pulp and Paper to determine whether a shared wastewater treatment plant would be feasible.

This summer if conditions allow there are plans for a summer ATV festival.

Work will continue or commence on trails for ATV, Snowmobiles, cycling and walking.

They will be undergoing a branding exercise for the region.


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