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Another Phone Scam Making the Rounds

There is another scam making the rounds.

Scammers are now identifying themselves as police officers and, in some cases, even providing the name of a police officer as a form of intimidation.

The RCMP says that scammers state that they are calling from the “National Fraud Centre” and inform their victims that their social insurance numbers have been compromised.

Victims are told they will receive a call from local police and are given a name for the officer who will call. The victims then receive a separate call from a scammer who identifies as the local police officer named in the previous call. The person impersonating a police officer demands the victims’ SINs, advising the information is required in order to start a fraud investigation.

These scammers seem to be targeting the elderly, in particular.

If you are the victim of a fraud, please contact your local police detachment. To report phone scams, please contact the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre at 1-888-495-8501.

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