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A Message from Newfound News

On Wednesday there were scenes of violence in Washington DC as pro-Trump supporters stormed the US Capital Building.

At Newfound News our main focus is to cover the news in Newfoundland and Labrador. That has always been our main goal.

When an important national or international news story breaks we also provide coverage of those events as do many other news agencies in the province.

While the focus at some news organizations is to report the news first, our focus is to gather the facts and then report the news. Getting it right is more important to us than reporting it first. We always adhere to our strict journalistic standards.

There were several instances on our Facebook page where users had posted comments that went against our Social Media Policy. While we value the contribution of our users, we will not tolerate comments that violate our social media policy. We will also ban users who are offensive to others who interact with our page.


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