Stephenville Man Arrested After Putting on Body Armour and Chasing Police

There was a frightening incident in Stephenville on Tuesday.

A police officer who was conducting an investigation, observed a man position his car to face the officer’s patrol car.

The man exited his vehicle and put on what appeared to be body armour and then reached inside his vehicle.

The police officer repositioned himself and called for additional assistance from other officers. The man followed the police cruiser a short distance through the town of Stephenville until additional officers arrived to conduct a traffic stop on Massachusetts Drive.

Officers had weapons drawn and directed the man to exit the vehicle.

The driver, 25-year-old Zachary Alexander, from Stephenville, was arrested without incident.

A loaded firearm was seized from the vehicle.

He has been charged with possession of a weapon for a dangerous purpose, possession of a firearm in a motor vehicle, unauthorized possession of a firearm, possession of a firearm without proper licence, careless use/transport of a firearm, unsafe storage of a firearm and possession of a controlled substance.

During the arrest, multiple people were seen recording the police and the unfolding events. Bay St. George RCMP requests that anyone with video or photographs of the events, please provide them to the local detachment at 40 Oregon Drive in Stephenville.

The investigation is continuing and these videos may assist as evidence.