The Stanley Cup Champions Are...

St. Louis has won the Stanley Cup.

The final score was 4 for the St. Louis Blues and 1 for the Boston Bruins.

St. Louis scored twice in the first period. In the second period no teams scored a goal. The third period saw St. Louis scoring their third and fourth goal of the game, Boston picked up a goal also. 

Game 7, held in Boston, determined the winner of the game.

The last time the St. Louis Blues won the cup was in 1970. The Boston Bruins won the cup in 2013.

The Boston Bruins had home ice advantage in the best-of-seven playoff series with the better regular season record.

The series began on May 27.

This is a rematch of the 1970 Stanley Cup Finals, which Boston won in four, the fourth consecutive Finals with at least one team vying for its first championship, and the first time since 2011 where the Finals went the full seven games.