RNC to Target Motorists Unlawfully Passing Stopped School Buses

the City of Mount Pearl Municipal Enforcement Division to conduct additional enforcement.

The RNC reminds the public of the following:

  • When you approach a school bus that has stopped to pick up or drop off children and is displaying a visual signal (such as flashing lights and/or a stop sign) you must stop before reaching the bus.

  • This applies to traffic approaching the bus from the front or the rear.

  • You must remain stopped until the bus is moving again and/or the bus driver deactivates the visual signals.

  • On multi-lane roads, all traffic must stop in both directions.

A driver who is convicted of passing a stopped school bus will be fined up to $1200 and accumulate 6 demerit points. In addition, the registered owner of a vehicle can be ticketed for this offence if the driver cannot be identified.

Ensuring safety on our roadways is a collective responsibility. The RNC is asking the public to please obey all road safety rules and to report any Highway Traffic Act violations to the RNC by calling us at 729-8000.