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Vaccine passport comes into effect today

As of today, the NL Vax Pass is in effect for residents of the province.

If you do not have your vaccine code yet, there are three ways to get it. You can use an electronic QR code, a physical QR code, or a physical/electronic vaccination record.

The QR Code will be required in:

  • Business that hosts gatherings

  • Arenas, indoor gyms, yoga studios, and dance studios

  • Indoor sports and recreational activities

  • Indoor group music, arts, and drama activities

  • Indoor entertainment facilities

  • Bars and lounges

  • Restaurants

  • Cinemas

  • Bingo halls

  • Personal service establishments

  • Auto dealerships

  • Congregation living facilities for seniors

Not required in:

  • Schools, child care, post-secondary, after school programs

  • Retails stores, shopping malls, public markets

  • Health care facilities

  • Community agencies providing essential services

  • Taxis and public transit

  • Hotels and bed and breakfasts

  • Government and public services

  • Financial institutions


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