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Update on Schools Reopening

An update was provided on schools on Friday afternoon.

As of Wednesday, March 3 schools in Central, Western and Labrador will return to in-class instruction.

K-12 grades begin in-class instruction under Scenario 1 (near normal), where possible under newly-updated health and safety protocols.

The exception is at certain schools (e.g., some intermediate/high schools) where classes cannot adhere to newly-updated health and safety protocols around cohorts and physical distancing.

These classes will begin instruction under a Scenario 2 (blended in-class/at-home learning) environment, on Wednesday.

For the Avalon Region, the ‘circuit breaker’ period has been extended for at least two weeks, up to and including March 12. Schools in the Avalon region will therefore continue to adhere to the Scenario 3 Protocols for Online Learning for different grade groupings. The only exception at this time is for students with complex needs, who will be able to access in-school learning if their families wish to avail of it. Schools will be following up with families to provide further information.

All school staff will be required to wear a Level 1 medical mask and face shield at all times within instructional spaces and at any other time a two-metre physical distance cannot be maintained between students/other staff. A Level 1 medical mask is a disposable, non-surgical 3-ply mask.

All students in Grades 4-12 are expected to wear a mask (not necessarily a Level 1 medical mask) at all times on the school bus and during the school day, including when seated in classrooms.

Grades 7-12 students who cannot cohort (i.e., maintain a consistent class grouping throughout the school day) must maintain a two-metre physical distance at all times.

Students in Kindergarten to Grade 3 are expected to wear a mask at all times on the school bus and are encouraged, but not required, to wear a mask during the school day.

In schools where in-class instruction has resumed, teachers will be engaged in face-to-face instruction, and online classes will not be available.


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