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Update on Repairs and Renovations to Provincially Owned Vacant Units

As of last week, repairs and renovations are continuing on the 143 provincially owned vacant housing units identified in a request for quotations in October 2023.

Work is now complete on 81 of the 143 units identified in the request for quotations and repairs or renovations are underway on another 48 projects.

Work is complete on all units in the Western Region. In the Eastern Region, of the 85 vacancies in October, work is complete on 52, work is in progress on 29 units and four have not been assigned.

In the Central Region, 11 of the 15 vacancies are now completed and four are in progress.

In the Western Region, all 12 vacancies have been completed.

Of the 31 vacancies in Labrador, six are completed, 15 are in progress and 10 not yet assigned.


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