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Ukraine war, one year later

February 24, 2022, was the day that peace was shattered on the continent of Europe when Russia commenced an invasion of Ukraine.

Russia launched an invasion from the east, south, and north.

Now one year later, there is no victory for Russia in what was supposed to be an easy win.

There are no official numbers on the number of soldiers killed or injured on both sides but estimates are that 200,000 Russian soldiers may have been killed and injured. In December a Ukrainian official said that between 10,000 and 13,000 troops had died.

Data from the United Nations state that over 7,000 Ukrainian civilians have been killed and over 11,000 have been injured. That number is likely higher as there is little information in areas of heavy fighting.

Over eight million people have fled Ukraine since the invasion. Canada has taken in refugees.

On the one-year anniversary of the war, Canada has pledged to provide $32 million to boost Ukraine's security and resilience.

The United Kingdom has imposed a new sanctions package against Russia.

The United States is providing $2 billion dollars in defence and $9.9 billion in financial aid.


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