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Traffic Stop Turns Violent in Grand Falls-Windsor #nltraffic

Twenty-six-year-old Shiann Martin was arrested and faces a number of charges following what was supposed to be a routine traffic stop.

An RCMP officer was on patrol on Taylor Road in Grand Falls-Windsor and attempted a traffic stop with an SUV. The vehicle sped off and crashed in a ditch moments later. The officer located the vehicle and attempted to arrest the driver, who showed signs of alcohol impairment.

The driver took off on foot into the woods wearing a backpack. The officer gave chase through waist-high snow and caught up with the man and attempted to place him under arrest.

The man resisted arrest, violently assaulted the officer and threatened to kill him. He then tried to remove the officer’s firearm from the holster but was unsuccessful and fled further into the woods leaving the officer injured and unable to continue the chase.

Additional officers from Grand Falls-Windsor Detachment arrived on the scene and located the injured officer. RCMP Police Service Dog Kane, his handler and another officer tracked the suspect approximately one kilometre into the woods and took him into police custody without further incident.

Police also located and seized cocaine and large amounts of cash that were found in the snow while tracking the suspect in the woods.

The accused faces charges of assaulting a police officer, resisting arrest, obstructing a police officer, uttering death threats, and attempting to disarm a police officer.

After a court appearance, Martin, who initially refused to provide police and the court with his identification, was remanded into custody.


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