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  • Cyndi Earle

Thoughts to Ponder: Christmas Angels

Merry Christmas to all of the Newfound News family, its subscribers and readers. It certainly has been a different and sometimes chaotic year that is coming to a close.

This year Newfoundland and Labrador has produced many angels (people who go above and beyond for others), first and foremost of course are the healthcare workers in our province. Under great strain, they help others every day, in many ways. But there are many amazing people and groups of people who help bring happiness and joy to others, who seldom or never want credit for their kindness.

Kindness happens all year long of course, but there's something extra special about helping others around the holidays. Newfoundland and Labrador is an aging province and many people are alone during the holidays. Kindness for these people can make all the difference in the joy of the season for them. Many of us donate toys and food. Some donate their time doing shopping, baking or present wrapping for others. Many organizations and churches not only accept donations for the less fortunate, but they also offer free Christmas dinners for those who need it.

There's a group of wonderful individuals who have a group on Facebook called Neighbors in Need. They have a group for different areas throughout our province, in order to help as many people as possible. They accept donations of clothing, food, toys, gift cards and groceries. They make sure that the families and individuals who are in need get what they require. While making sure no one goes without.

These people are angels all year long, but during the holidays it's extra special. They are truly Christmas angels. They bring so much joy, happiness and relief to so many. Many Christmas blessings and much love to each and every one of you.

This brings me to a lady that is doing the same... spreading joy and happiness far and wide, throughout the province and beyond. She is also a Christmas angel, through a Christmas tradition that has lost its popularity over the years. Nancy Saunders Evans of St. John's has been bringing unbelievable joy to so many people through the old tradition of sending Christmas cards. For the third year now, she takes the time to arrange a Christmas card exchange that this year included 100 women. Nancy collected and organized all the addresses and made sure no one got left out. She personally sent the list to all 100 women. Since the first week of December, these women have been receiving Christmas cards from all over Newfoundland and Labrador and beyond. The stories of the happiness and joy it's bringing to lives are nothing short of amazing. Women are sharing how it feels to wait on the mailperson every day. Finding love in their mailbox from strangers they choose to call sisters. Since it started three years ago, women share recipes, peppermint tea packets and tiny Christmas ornaments in their Christmas cards. Much love and many thanks go out to Nancy for her kindness and Christmas spirit which is obviously contagious and far-reaching.

To all those who spend time bringing joy and happiness to others, especially around the holidays, may you all have a very happy holiday season and a happy and fulfilling New Year!

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