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  • Cyndi Earle

Thoughts to Ponder

We are busier than ever in today's uncertain world and this comes with much-added stress.

Many people dream of living a simpler life, a happier life. You can get your health back. You can flourish your relationships with loved ones, family and friends. Your stress levels can lower significantly. All without giving up anything. It just takes adding simple practices to your daily routine. Practices that can lead to a life filled with more calm and happiness.

Who doesn’t want that?

The science is clear...mindfulness is one of the key practices to solving daily challenges and leading to lasting calm, peace and happiness.

Mindfulness is linked to many health benefits.

So how do we develop a mindfulness practice? Here are five suggestions for quick doses of mindfulness breaks to spread across your day.

1. Start your day with a pause.

When you go to wash up in the morning and you look in the mirror, use it as a chance to take three conscious breaths before you start your mental engines. Then, as you brush your teeth go slow and pay attention, using the sensation to bring your attention back to the moment, despite the pull to start revving up your thoughts about the day ahead.

2. Savor your morning coffee.

When you’re drinking your favourite morning beverage, you’ll taste it more and enjoy it better if you sip it, occasionally taking pauses to experience the full sensation of what you're doing. Pay attention to the smell, the warmth. This little act can help to set the tone for the day: use your senses to bring you back into your body.

3. Take a mindful walk.

At some point every day, take a short walk. Even if it’s only around your house or office. Paying full attention to each step as your foot hits the ground, and the other foot lifts, swings, and lands. If you can make the walk slightly longer, you’ll get some exercise while also getting out of your head and into your body for a few minutes.

4. Practice eating gratefully and mindfully.

At your evening meal, take a moment to be thankful that you have good nourishing food and give some thought to all the people needed to make it possible. This little moment of gratitude can shift your attitude to enjoying a little feast rather than just getting the meal over with. Taste and smell each mouthful. Eating this way is proven to be healthier for you as well. During meals is also a good chance to practice taking a break from devices.

5. Slow down before you sleep.

Take a moment with your feet on the floor before you get completely into bed. Just take 1 to 3 minutes to notice your breath as it goes out, then out... noticing thoughts, and letting them dissolve, returning to the breath. This helps clear your head and relax your body before sleep.



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