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Sunday Drive to Winterton

Outside Pond Park

Winterton, formally known as Sille Cove or Scilly Cove, is located off Trinity Bay on the western side of the Avalon Peninsula on Newfoundland's east coast. It is located along Route 80.

As of 2021, the town had a population of just 436.

The first time the town was mentioned was in 1675. Early settlers came from Dorset and Devon, England.

It changed its name to Winterton after Sir James Spearman Winter a former Prime Minister of Newfoundland.

Winterton is a fishing community and has several attractions including Sugarloaf Trail, Trinity South D'Iberville Trail, the Winterton Boat Building Museum, an RV Park, and St. Luke's Anglican Church.

St. Luke's Anglican Church was purchased by Grammy-winning Canadian music producer, Greg Wells in 2022.

Winterton Boat Building Museum

Sunday Drive is a weekly feature that focuses on small to medium communities in Newfoundland and Labrador.

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