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Sunday Drive to Harbour Grace

The SS Kyle

Harbour Grace is located on the Baccalieu Trail next to Carbonear.

The community was founded in 1517 by French King Francis I. It is one of the oldest towns in North America.

As of 2021, Harbour Grace had a population of 2,796.

The main industry in the community is fishing. Due to the several historical buildings in the community, there is a growing tourism industry.

Perhaps one of the most famous ships in the province is the SS Kyle. The Kyle ran ashore in Harbour Grace in February of 1967 during a storm.

The Spirit of Harbour Grace

Harbour Grace has rich aviation history and is still home to an operating airstrip.

The first flight by a Canadian from North America to England embarked on October 9, 1930.

Amelia Earhart took flight from Harbour Grace on May 20, 1932, to become the first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic.

Harbour Grace Regatta

The Harbour Grace Regatta takes place every year and has been held annually since 1862. It is the second-oldest continuing sporting event in North America.

Sunday Drive is a weekly feature that focuses on small to medium communities in Newfoundland and Labrador.

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