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St. John's to upgrade 17 buildings from oil heat

The St. John's City Council recently approved a major step forward in the Corporate Climate plan that will see infrastructure upgrades to 17 city-owned buildings.

The upgrades will improve energy efficiency and transition from oil heat to electricity and will save the city $517,914 annually.

Most of the funds required are provided by the federal and provincial governments. The City of St. John’s received $1,696,853 from the Federal Government and $1,413,903 from the Provincial Government.

Mayor Danny Breen said, "the City’s contribution of $6,661,630 will be recovered over a 15-year term with the energy cost savings that we will achieve with the upgrades. With this project, other ongoing improvements to the City’s buildings, and the provincial efforts to implement a low-carbon electricity grid, the City is on track to achieve over 70% of our Corporate 2030 target before 2025."


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