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SEA-NL recommends snow crab wharf price of $5-6/lb, double panel price

SEA-NL is recommending that inshore enterprise owners sell snow crab at the wharf to the general public for $5.00 or $6.00 per pound to start the season.

Pam Patten, SEA-NL president said in a statement, “You won’t sell all your crab to the local market, but you will sell some for $5 or 6/lb — double the price to be set by the pricing panel, and a bargain to the public.”

The price will depend on the government-appointed price-setting panel. Under current provincial regulations, if the union and processors can’t reach an agreement on price, the panel must choose one price or the other (nowhere in between).

SEA-NL is also demanding that the provincial government order local snow crab processors and buyers to stop shipping in product from out-of-province until prices normalize.


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