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Russia, Ukraine agree to meet as battles rage

A destroyed APC from the Battle of Konotop
By ZomBear - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,

The war continues in Ukraine.

Russian President Putin has ordered the military to put the country's "nuclear deterrence forces" on high alert.

Ukraine will send a delegation to meet with a Russian delegation for talks. The two sides agreed to meet without preconditions.

Ukraine President Zelenskyy also said that he talked by telephone with Belarusian president Alexander Lukashenko and stated that he was promised that Belarusian troops would not be sent to Ukraine.

Authorities had to rescue 80 people from a nine-story residential building in Kharkiv after it was hit by Russian artillery. A woman died. The building is extensively damaged.

Ukraine reported overnight that a gas pipeline outside Kharkiv was blown up by a Russian attack. The Zhuliany Airport was also bombed.

Since then, Ukrainian forces have regained full control of Kharkiv. Dozens of Russian soldiers have surrendered.

This morning Canada has closed its airspace to Russian aircraft operators. The latest in a long list of sanctions.

Ukraine claims to have killed 4,300 Russian soldiers and have captured 200.

They have also destroyed 146 tanks, 536 armoured vehicles, shot down 27 aircraft and 26 helicopters.

40+ Ukrainian soldiers have been killed. Russia shot down a transport aircraft, and a Su-27.

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