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RNC offers Halloween safety tips

The RNC is offering some safety tips for Halloween.

  1. Respect Traffic Rules: Drivers are asked to reduce their speeds significantly and use extra caution, especially in residential areas. Trick-or-treaters should always use crosswalks, look both ways before crossing the street, and obey traffic signals.

  2. Plan Your Route: Know the neighbourhood and plan your route in advance. Avoid unfamiliar areas and stay on well-lit streets. Stick with friends or an adult when going door-to-door and never enter a home, apartment, or vehicle.

  3. Dress Safe: Ensure face make-up and/or face masks do not obstruct vision. Wear reflective tape or use glow sticks to greatly increase visibility. A flashlight can also ensure you’re easily seen by drivers.

  4. Check Treats: Inspect all treats before eating. Discard any items that appear to be tampered with.


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