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Public asked to report bat sightings

The Department of Fisheries, Forestry and Agriculture is asking the public to report dead or sick bats on the ground or bats flying during winter due to a non-native bat disease that kills hibernating bat species.

White-nose syndrome can kill bats that are native to this province.

White-nose syndrome has been present in the province since 2017 and has been reported throughout the western portion of the Island.

The fungus that causes the disease has also been detected in the Happy Valley-Goose Bay area and in central Newfoundland.

To report a bat sighting or a suspected bat dwelling, call 709-637-2025 or the Canadian Wildlife Health Cooperative toll-free bat line at 1-833-434-BATS (2287). Never touch a bat with bare hands, and do not enter hibernation sites.

It is illegal to disturb, harass, injure or capture bats, or to disturb or destroy their residences, including overwintering sites and roost sites, such as maternal colonies.


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