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Premier Announces Agreement on North Atlantic Refinery

The Provincial Government has reached a new agreement with NARL Refining Limited Partnership.

As a result, there are plans to re-brand the Come By Chance refinery facility as Braya Renewable Fuels and convert to renewable diesel and sustainable aviation fuel production.

On July 26, 2021, NARL Refining Limited Partnership and Cresta announced they had reached an agreement-in-principle for the purchase of the Come By Chance Refinery.

According to Cresta, the first phase of the conversion would change Come By Chance refinery to a facility capable of initially producing 14,000 barrels of sustainable aviation fuel and renewable diesel daily by about mid-2022. A second phase will seek to double the capacity of the refinery.

A new 10-year environmental indemnity with the Provincial Government, which includes a cap on liability for the province which didn’t exist in the previous indemnity, will require the Come By Chance refinery site to:

  • Maintain employment levels at no less than 200 FTEs (Each FTE is equal to 2,080 person hours) of paid work in a 12-month period);

  • Maintain fuel supply to the island portion of Newfoundland and Labrador; and,

  • Maintain operations of the refinery.


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