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Police dismantle firearm manufacturing and trafficking operation in Harbour Grace

On Monday the RCMP executed a search warrant at a residence in Harbour Grace.

Police dismantled a synthetic firearm manufacturing and suspected trafficking operation.

The investigation began on May 30, 2023, when the RCMP was alerted by the Canada Border Services Agency of an intercepted package containing firearms parts that were destined for a home in Harbour Grace.

Police seized 16 long guns, some of which were unsafely stored, 33 handguns, including one prohibited firearm, and one restricted loaded firearm, and 27 3D printed firearms in various stages of completion, one of which was 100% complete and capable of firing.

Also seized was a large quantity of 3D printed magazines, a large quantity of 3D printed firearm parts, a 3D printer, a large quantity of ammunition of various calibres, 10 prohibited weapons, including knives and brass knuckles, and a "Security" uniform and hard body armour.

Two individuals, 49-year-old John Byrne and 41-year-old Crystal Chislett of Harbour Grace, were arrested and are charged with a number of serious criminal offences.


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