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Pet safety reminder for this summer

Both the City of St. John's Humane Services and the RNC are reminding motorists about the importance of pet safety this summer.

You should never leave a pet in a hot car. Cracking a window does not significantly impact the inside temperature of a car. While leaving a pet in a hot car can be deadly, for dogs that are senior, overweight, short-nosed, or have medical conditions, the likelihood of heat stroke only increases.

Pets must also be secured properly in the vehicle. When not secured properly, pets can create a distraction for the driver. It is recommended that all pets be secured in the back seat, or in the hatch of the vehicle.

Anyone who notices a pet in distress or left unattended in a warm vehicle can note the license plate number, make/model of the car and ask the business customer service staff to make an announcement for the owner to return to the vehicle or call the RNC to report vehicle details and location at 709-729-8000.


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