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Outer Ring Road to be Closed Sunday

On Sunday from 7:30 am to 6:00 pm the Outer Ring Road from the Topsail Road interchange to the Logy Bay Road interchange will be closed for a cleanup of litter and large discarded items.

The closure of the highway is necessary for the safety of crews working on and near the highway.

At the same time, there will be inspections of bridges and culverts on the route.

The most recent cleanup of the highway took place on May 9, resulting in the removal of approximately 90 cubic metres of litter and debris from the highway, in addition to larger items, such as parts of vehicles and tires.

Traffic control will be in place on the highway to guide motorists. Digital display signs are also being set up along the route to give advanced notice of the closure.

During the cleanup, barricades will be in place to prohibit access at all entry points:

  • Logy Bay Road

  • Torbay Road

  • Portugal Cove Road

  • Allandale Road

  • Team Gushue Highway

  • Thorburn Road

  • Topsail Road


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