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New Western Memorial Regional Hospital Officially Opens

It's the dawn of a new era in healthcare in Corner Brook as the new Western Memorial Regional Hospital officially opens to the public at its permanent location at 100 Health Care Crescent.

“After a tremendous amount of hard work and dedication by our project team, Western Zone clinical staff and physicians, provincial partners, and with the support of residents in the area, the provincial government, Western Regional Hospital Foundation, Cancer Care Foundation, and community partners, NL Health Services is pleased to be opening the doors of the new Western Memorial Regional Hospital,” said Teara Freake, vice-president, and chief operating officer of NL Health Services – Western Zone.

This facility provides warm, energetic, and patient-centered spaces for patients and visitors to receive services; it optimizes hospital-based services in the region; and improves workplace quality for our physicians and staff.

The old Western Memorial Regional Hospital has been open since 1976. That building will continue to serve as an administrative and clinical health services building for the short term. This facility will be renamed the Corner Brook Community Health Care Centre.

Human Resources, Finance, Laundry Services, and the Western Regional School of Nursing will continue to temporarily operate in their current location.

Janeway Outreach, Outpatient Psychiatry, Public Health, Audiology, Speech Language Pathology, Developmental Psychology, Autism Assessment Team, and the Flexible Assertive Community Treatment Team will also continue to operate from the building.


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