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New Procurement Strategies Introduced

The Provincial Government today introduced two new procurement strategies: the Newfoundland and Labrador First Procurement Strategy and the Sustainable Procurement Strategy. The strategies are aimed at maximizing the success of provincial suppliers in obtaining government contracts, supporting provincial supplier development, and increasing sustainable practices in purchasing.

The Newfoundland and Labrador First Procurement Strategy will help create an environment that provides the best opportunity for provincial suppliers to be successful in obtaining contracts through maintaining the provincial preference discount; increasing open call thresholds; promoting the use of exemptions under trade agreements; and reducing the use of bid bonds. It also focuses on new suppliers by helping them strengthen their ability to participate in government procurement processes by providing them with the knowledge and training they need through supplier-focused information sessions; reverse trade shows; and consultation on more significant procurements.

The Sustainable Procurement Strategy is focused on embedding sustainability considerations into processes for procuring goods, services and construction alongside traditional considerations such as price, quality, service and technical considerations. Applying a sustainable approach to procurement will ensure that the existing purchasing power of government departments and agencies will be utilized to help achieve broader social, environmental and economic goals.


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