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More damage in Kyiv, Ukraine shoots down two Russian planes

Apartment block in Kyiv struck by a Russian missile.
By, CC BY 4.0,

The Russia-Ukraine War is ongoing.

At midnight local time, heavy fighting was reported to the south of Kyiv.

Ukraine said that an Su-27 fighter had shot down a Russian Il-76 transport plane carrying paratroopers. Forces also shot down a Russian II-76 transport plane.

The Mayor of Vasylkiv, Natalia Balasinovich, said that the city has been successfully defended by Ukrainian forces.

Hundreds of casualties were reported during overnight fighting in Kyiv. Shelling had destroyed an apartment building, bridges, and schools.

The Ukrainian military said it had repelled a Russian attack on an army base located on Peremohy Avenue, a main road in Kyiv.

It also repelled a Russian assault on the city of Mykolaiv on the Black Sea.

Twenty-seven countries, including Canada, will send more weapons to Ukraine.

So far in the conflict, it is estimated that 3,500 Russian soldiers have been killed. Additionally, 200 have been taken prisoner.

Europe is preparing for an influx of refugees. Yesterday over 100,000 people arrived in Poland.


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