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June Holiday to be Renamed National Indigenous Peoples Day

At a council meeting, The City of St. John's approved the renaming of the June Holiday to National Indigenous Peoples Day.

The Province has historically observed a holiday in June on the Monday nearest to June 24, which is referred to as “June Day”. June Day was previously called Discovery Day to commemorate the arrival of John Cabot.

The decision to rename the holiday was made in collaboration with the urban Indigenous community. The timing of the June Holiday aligns closely with National Indigenous Peoples Day, which is marked across Canada on June 21.

“Reorienting the holiday formerly known as Discovery Day to instead honour and celebrate the diverse cultures of Indigenous Peoples in the province is a simple yet deeply meaningful way to advance truth and reconciliation here in the City,” said Stacey Howse, Executive Director of First Light St. John’s Friendship Centre. “We hope it will serve as an example to be followed by other municipalities as well as the Province.”


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